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Questions? Email Mrs. Walton

On-going opportunity - Students may volunteer with a parent at Coachella Valley Rescue Mission to serve meals. You must sign up as a volunteer online and call ahead to schedule a time. 

Student Services Coordinator

Mrs. Walton


Phone: 760.346.3513, ext 255

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HONOR ROLL NOTE: Students must earn all 9 hours of service in a trimester to earn any honor roll awards.


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Tuesday and Thursday, November and December

Sacred Heart Church Catechism Classes

The Sacred Heart Church Catechism classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays evenings are in need of help with the CCD students. SHS JH volunteers will be assisting catechists and students.

Students must wear SHS volunteer shirt, tennis shoes, and PE shorts/jeans/bermuda shorts. NO CELL PHONE USE WHILE VOLUNTEERING!

Questions - Mr. Arreola in the Church office - jarreola@sacredheartpalmdesert.com 

Sacred Heart Gardening Club

Tuesdays and Thursdays during November and December

Please help our Gardening Club and Ms. Uhl tend the garden. 45 minutes will be given. 4 slots for a maximum of 3 hours per trimester, please.

Questions - Ms. Uhl at kuhl@sacredheartpalmdesert.com

Saturdays in December

American Cancer Society Thrift Store

Volunteers will work with crew at ACS Boutique Discovery Store to sort clothing, steam clothing, place clothing on sales floor, decorate store and help display newly-priced decor items. 1 parent and student team and one student. Parent must stay until all students are picked up. You will need to fill out attached (under "Document") ACS volunteer form before you arrive. Please wear appropriate attire (comfortable shoes are acceptable) and a mask. Please arrive 15 minutes before scheduled time to work. When you arrive please ask for Richard or Mark, the store managers. Please wear your SHS volunteer shirt or SHS PE shirt or uniform shirt. NO cell phone use. No short shorts.

Sundays in December

Fellowship Donuts and Coffee Sales at Mass

Students will be helping with donuts and coffee after Mass. 

STUDENTS MUST WEAR MASS UNIFORM (INCL. OUTERWEAR) and MAY NOT ATTEND THE MASS DURING VOLUNTEER TIMES. Please bring your form to be signed by Mr. Rover. No cell phone use is permitted! 


NEW EVENT!!! Posted 12/1 at 3:30pm

Monday-Sunday, December 2-14

Galilee Center Toy Drive at Alberstons

Please help Galilee Center collect for Christmas! Students will take toy donations from Albertsons customers on completion of their shopping trip to bring Christmas cheer to the needy in our community.

Students must wear SHS volunteer shirt, tennis shoes, and PE shorts/jeans/bermuda shorts.


NEW EVENT - Posted 11/28 at 10am

Saturday, December 1

Christmas Luncheon Babysitting - 7/8th Girls only!

Volunteers are needed to babysit during the Christmas luncheon on Saturday, December 2 from 10:30-2pm. The volunteers will be given lunch and will receive 3.5 service hours. Forms must be brought to the event and signed by Mrs. Hubbard. Students must wear blue SHS volunteer shirts and SHS outwear. No ripped/torn jeans or excessively tight clothing. No cell phone use whatsoever is permitted.

Saturday, December 2, 9, 16

Old Town Artisan Studios - Gingerbread Lane

Old Town Artisan Studios will be converting their 3-acre art campus into Gingerbread Lane - a winter wonderland with multiple trees, trimmed garland, twinkling lights, a marquee 17-foot tree next to Santa's workshop all wrapped in the music of the holidays! The moment you walk through the gates you'll enter a winter wonderland of Gingerbread delights! We will be offering gingerbread cookies and hot cider in the culinary area, cookie decorating tables and clay ornament painting.

All day activities are scheduled to keep you entertained and in the holiday spirit. Scheduled events include seasonal music, delightful dance and performances by our local youth organizations in the Coachella Valley.

Gingerbread Lane has been the dream of Founder Victory Grund. "The mission for this new family event is to bring back the joy of giving through the holidays through creating hand made gifts for family and friends. When a person of any age creates a gift by hand for loved ones it becomes a treasure that grows more valuable with each passing year". Grund went on to say, "The personal expression gives meaning to each piece of art. Creating gifts with a group of family or friends can become a tradition and, though not expensive, these gifts are treasures".

Gingerbread Lane is a holiday event that is free for the community, so we appreciate volunteers that can help us in giving back to the community.

Student volunteers will serve as Santa's helpers, cookie decorating, ornament painting, greeters, Mrs. Claus helpers, rock painting, bubble fountain, cider station, squeaky clean team, among other responsibilities.

Student volunteers will serve as helpers, cookie decorating, craft making, greeters, among other responsibilities.

Orientation for student Friday, 11/17 4:30-5:30pm  OR  Wednesday, 11/22 10:00-11:00am.     ORIENTATION WILL BE AT THE ACTUAL EVENT - 78-046 Calle Barcelona, La Quinta CA 92253


Blue volunteer shirt - no outerwear - may wear a long-sleeve shirt underneath (organization wants people to be able to spot volunteers) No cell phone use is permitted!

Please see Ivanna upon arrival.

Posted 10/25 at 1:45pm

NEW EVENT!!! Posted 12/1 at 3:30pm

Saturday, December 9

SCRAP Gallery at the SnowFest

Bring the entire family to the North Pole Village at Snow Fest.  It is a Hollywood-style movie set themed as a Main Street at Santa’s North Pole – all lit up with holiday lights.  Snow-Fest captures all the holiday spirit and places it at one event. You will also enjoy an outdoor market featuring holiday arts & crafts, food, treats, and beverages including hot chocolate and cider. http://www.snowfest.us/

Students will be volunteering for S.C.R.A.P. Gallery in the Kid Zone. The S.C.R.A.P. Gallery is a unique environmental art museum and engaging mobile program that delivers art and environmental education to children throughout the Coachella Valley. By using donated discarded materials, students of all ages learn about conservation, reuse and other environmental issues through hands-on exploration. The students will be working the arts and crafts booth.

2.5 hours. No cell phone use is permitted. Students must wear blue SHS volunteer shirt and SHS outerwear ONLY! If cold, better to wear a long-sleeve shirt under volunteer shirt than outerwear. 

Location - Cathedral City - City Hall

NEW EVENT!!! Posted 12/5 at 10:24am

Saturday and Sunday, December 9/10, 16/17

Sacred Heart Church Toy Drive

The Sacred Heart Women's Guild is requesting students to help them at the Church with the toy drive.  They have appreciated the great help our students have given for many years.  The students put the toys that are brought to the church into the bags provided when parishoners arrive with a donation. They are requestions two students for each shift.

STUDENTS MUST WEAR MASS UNIFORM (INCL. OUTERWEAR) and MAY NOT ATTEND THE MASS DURING VOLUNTEER TIMES. Please bring your form to be signed by Mrs. Lucchesi or another member of the Women's Guild. No cell phone use is permitted!  

Saturday, December 9

Knights of Columbus Recycling Program

On-Going – every 2nd Saturday of each month

Sacred Heart Church's Knights of Columbus need your help with the recycling program. Student volunteers are needed for Recycling Day events on the 2nd Saturday of each month (2 hours). 

Students must wear SHS volunteer shirt and appropriate free-dress bottoms. 

All hours are completed at Sacred Heart under the solar panels on the basketball court/drive-thru parking lot on the east side of the campus. 

No-shows will be penalized for the number of hours missed. Meaning, if you do not show to a 2-hour window, 2 hours will be added to the required 9, making your requirement now 11. 

Added 10/24 at 3:40pm

NEW EVENT posted 12/5 at 12pm

Sunday, December 17

Birthday Celebration for Children at Martha's Village & Kitchen

Every month, Sacred Heart Outreach will be hosting a Birthday Party to celebrate children living at Martha's Village & Kitchen who have a birthday during the month. Our mission is to make every child feel special, loved, and excited about their birthday, just as our own children feel about their birthday. We will be decorating the dining hall, surprising each birthday girl and boy with a birthday gift, playing party games with all the children living at Martha's Village who will be attending the party, and providing snacks and birthday dessert. We are hoping to do whatever we can to make their birthday memorable and extra special. 

Sacred Heart Community Outreach Event

PLACE: Martha's Village & Kitchen

83791 Date Avenue Indio, CA 

DATE: Sunday, December 17

TIME: 9:00am-12:00pm 


Parent/Guardian Must stay with their child entire time

Jr. High Student Volunteers will earn 3 service hours

Student volunteers must be engaged and actively helping 

Must arrive on time and stay the entire time

Students must wear their school volunteer shirt, jeans/pants, and closed toe shoes. Sneakers are best. Absolutely No flip-flops, crocs, or open-toed shoes. 

Please remember to bring your child's Student Service Hour Reporting Form to have signed by a facility representative

This event would not be possible without your loving support and generosity. If you have any questions regarding this event, please contact Outreach Coordinator Lyssa Vermillion at Lyssavermillion@yahoo.com or 760.851.8577.