JH Service Hours Calendar

Questions? Email Mrs. Walton

Service Hour Reporting Form

On-going opportunity - Students may volunteer with a parent at Coachella Valley Rescue Mission to serve meals. You must sign up as a volunteer online and call ahead to schedule a time. 

Student Services Coordinator

Mrs. Walton


Phone: 760.346.3513, ext 255


HONOR ROLL NOTE: Students must earn all 9 hours of service in a trimester to earn any honor roll awards.



Sacred Heart Gardening Club

Tuesdays and Thursdays during May

Please help our Gardening Club and Ms. Uhl tend the garden. 1 hour will be given. 

Questions - Ms. Uhl at kuhl@sacredheartpalmdesert.com

All Saturdays in May

American Cancer Society Thrift Store

Volunteers will work with crew at ACS Boutique Discovery Store to sort clothing, steam clothing, place clothing on sales floor, decorate store and help display newly-priced decor items. 1 parent and student team and one student. Parent must stay until all students are picked up. You will need to fill out attached (under "Document") ACS volunteer form before you arrive. Please wear appropriate attire (comfortable shoes are acceptable) and a mask. Please arrive 15 minutes before scheduled time to work. When you arrive please ask for Richard or Mark, the store managers. Also, please follow all the state guidelines for proper social distancing, ex: wear your mask at all times. Please wear your SHS volunteer shirt or SHS PE shirt or uniform shirt. NO cell phone use. No short shorts.

All Sundays in April

Donuts and Coffee Sales at Mass

Students will be helping with donuts and coffee after Mass. 

STUDENTS MUST WEAR MASS UNIFORM (INCL. OUTERWEAR) and MAY NOT ATTEND THE MASS DURING VOLUNTEER TIMES. Please bring your form to be signed by Mr. Rover. No cell phone use is permitted!  

NEW EVENT!! Posted 4/28 at 12:19pm

Friday, May 12

Birth Choice of the Desert - on campus

Mother's Day Roses

The Pro Life Ministry is once again constructing Rose Bouquets to sell at Sacred Heart Church on Mother's Day to benefit Birth Choice of the Desert. Friday - school uniform is acceptable (SHS blue volunteer shirt is optional). No cell phone use during volunteer times. Students must also bring service hour reporting form for signature.

Saturday, May 15

Knights of Columbus Recycling Program

On-Going – every 2nd Saturday of each month

Sacred Heart Church's Knights of Columbus need your help with the recycling program. Student volunteers are needed for Recycling Day events on the 2nd Saturday of each month (2 hours). 

Students must wear SHS volunteer shirt and appropriate free-dress bottoms. 

All hours are completed at Sacred Heart under the solar panels on the basketball court/drive-thru parking lot on the east side of the campus. 

No-shows will be penalized for the number of hours missed. Meaning, if you do not show to a 2-hour window, 2 hours will be added to the required 9, making your requirement now 11. 

Please see the attached flyer for more information on the program. Questions - email Mrs. Walton at jwalton@sacredheartpalmdesert.com or call Mr. Rayo at 760-772-2024.