Mission Statement


The Sacred Heart School Community is committed to modeling and teaching Catholic Christian morals and values, while creating a caring, respectful environment which promotes academic excellence and fosters a love for learning.


School Wide Learning Expectations

In order to lead a Gospel-centered, well informed life, a graduate of Sacred Heart School shall demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and attitudes essential to declare that:

I am a faith-filled person who:
recognizes God’s presence in all creation.
demonstrates stewardship to all God’s creations.
witnesses and practices Catholic values through words and actions.
participates in sacraments/liturgy of the church.
serves in the community.

I am a life-long learner who:
seeks and implements information for continued academic growth.
is able to access and apply technology.
strives to imitate Christ in his/her whole person.
performs as a confident individual as well as a team player.

I am a loving person who:
respects differences of cultures, beliefs, and individuality of others by practicing Christian values.
accepts responsibility for his/her actions and consequences of those actions upon others.
responds to community needs.